Freedom // My #Oneword 2019

For the last 4 years now, instead of a new year's resolution, I have just picked one word for the whole year. It's incredible to see how every year, that one word shapes the whole rest of the year and what God wants to teach me throughout it. Last year's one word was 'Submit' and it was definitely a year of submitting my plans, desires, emotions, hopes, dreams, thoughts, mind and relationships to God and letting Him take complete control of my life . As a complete control freak, it wasn't easy at all, but it's been incredible to see the change God has done in my life over this last year. For 2019, my new word is 'Freedom'. I used to think that freedom would 'just come', but I've since realised that freedom is actually a choice. Jesus won our freedom on the cross, but it's up to us to choose whether we want to live in that freedom or not. I feel that there has been a lot of fear holding me back this last year, which has stoppe

Be Still

Be still. Rest here. Breathe in. Take it slow. I know life is hard, the Christian life not easy,  but wait for the salvation of the L ORD , for the battles you face are His, not yours. Don't get so caught up in all the small things,  all the worries and stresses and confusion that life brings. And don't try to handle things on your own.  Instead, hold firmly to the Anchor that holds fast through every storm and Whose grace is enough and enough alone. When the waves come crashing over your head, hold firmly to hope and trust the One Who can calm the storm,  the One Who can walk upon the waves. He will keep your head from slipping under, He won't let you drown - He's the One Who saves. Hide beneath the shadow of His wings,  let Him cover you with His feathers. Let Him rejoice over you with gladness, and quiet you with His love,  and know He'll go with you and before you forever. And as you head into battle, remember your part to play.

Living in the now

Living in the present is something I'm finding really tough at the moment. It might seem like a ridiculous thing to say, but it's true. I'm always in the present, but very rarely am I  living in the present.  I overthink everything,  so usually I'm either running through conversations in my head that I've already had and thinking about what I wish I could have said or done and what I wish I hadn't said or done, or I go through situations from the past and either regret them or wish they'd come back so I could do them again because they were so good. And if I'm not reminiscing or regretting my past, I'm usually daydreaming; planning my wedding day, wondering what my husband will be like and when I might meet him, whether I'll have kids one day; worrying; about that exam, that interview, leading that youth session; or looking forward to events I know will be happening in the future; that Christian camp or conference, so-and-so's wedding, th

Rise Up // Collab with Lucy Moore

So this post is a little different as it is a collab with my friend Lucy, who has a YouTube channel called DIVEINDEEPERlm. I’m writing my thoughts on the subject and then she’s also doing a video on her thoughts on her channel, so after reading my post definitely go and check out her video to see her thoughts on rising up as the next generation of leaders. This post is specifically aimed at teens but feel free to continue reading even if you don’t consider yourself a young person! As some of you may know, I recently joined the youth team at my church. This is a massive step for me in so many ways, but I know that this is 100% what God is calling me to do. He has really given me a passion for young people and sharing the love of Christ with them, and so joining the youth team has really been a God-given opportunity and a great way to start fulfilling my calling! God has been so gracious to me and I’m definitely not doing this in my own strength – being a leader does not come nat

Expecting God in the unexpected

I was in Wales the other week with some friends at a Christian homeschool week away and on one of the nights, a group of us climbed a big hill in the dark. Standing at the top of the hill in the freezing cold, we just stood gazing in awe at one of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenes I’ve ever seen. The black sky was dotted with thousands of beautiful stars which were all clustered together in the centre and got more spaced out as they spread from the centre, as if someone had thrown a handful of glitter into the sky. Then across this beautiful scene came not one, but two shooting stars!! In that moment I felt God’s presence so close and real and beautiful and we just stood in awe and sang worship songs together into the night, gazing up at this awesome display of God’s power and beauty. That whole week was absolutely amazing, being surrounded by Christians and just having time away from the busyness of life and God really spoke to me about a lot of things and really made His p

Don't wait for courage

As a society, we are very anxious and there are a lot of things that make us scared and fearful. But the sad thing is, is that there are so many beautiful opportunities we miss out on because we often wait until we have courage before saying ‘yes’. We wait until we have more confidence or “aren’t scared anymore.” But the best way to overcome that lack of confidence and to face our fears is with courage.  The Google definition of courage is, ‘the ability to do something that frightens one,’ and there’s a quote by someone called Jill Briscoe that also sums courage up perfectly: “Courage isn’t a feeling you wait for. Courage is doing when you don’t have courage. Courage is doing it scared.” Courage pushes us to resist the impulse to shy away from the things that stir up our innermost anxieties. It is required to live life to the full. Without courage, we won’t do anything that makes us scared and we just can’t live our lives like that.  In reality, if we wait for courage, we’ll neve

Encouraging and complimenting like Jesus

So the other day, whilst I was studying (why do I always get my best thoughts and ideas when I’m meant to be studying…!?!) these thoughts just hit me – are my compliments actually helpful? Am I encouraging godly behaviour in people and complimenting them on what is important, which is their character, or am I always complimenting them on their appearance and their worldly behaviour? I love being complimented and encouraged, as I’m sure does everyone reading this post. It makes me feel good about myself, especially if I’m feeling insecure or down or my self-esteem is low. But as I was thinking about it, I realised that most of the compliments I receive and give are based on appearance – clothing, hairstyles, makeup, body – not character, which is the most important thing. The more I thought about it, the more I realised how complimenting on only appearance and encouraging ungodly behaviour could lead us to become very proud and self-centred attention-seekers. Compliments often